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The Annual Canadian Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner

What is Canadian Thanksgiving, Anyways?

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What’s this thing with Canadian Thanksgiving? Isn’t it an American holiday? Why don’t they celebrate it on the same day?”


We know – it might seem a bit confusing seeing as most know Thanksgiving as that late-autumn-football-filled-pre-black-friday-crazed-all-american-feast!


Truth is, Canadian Thanksgiving is its own special Canadian holiday! As it is quite similar to its southern neighbours’, it does fare well in its differences.


A little history…


Long before Europeans settled in North America, festivals of thanks and celebrations of harvest took place in Europe in the month of October. The very first Thanksgiving celebration in North America took place in Canada when Martin Frobisher, an explorer from England, arrived in Newfoundland in 1578. So technically, it’s a Canadian thing! But let’s not dwell on the details. Here are some of the reasons why Canadian Thanksgiving is the best Thanksgiving!

在欧洲人远涉重洋来到美洲新大陆之前,人们就已有庆祝十月丰收,感谢富饶的大自然给予他们的恩施和好运的传统。1578年,一位英国探险家命名马钉法贝瑟(Martin Frobisher)在现今的加拿大纽芬兰省建立了定居点,并举行了一个庆祝生存和收获的宴餐。其它后来的移居者继续这些“感恩”仪式。这一次被认为是加拿大的第一个感恩节


1.We celebrate on Monday, not Thursday



3 Day weekend? Yes, please!


2. Canadians like to celebrate Thanksgiving weekend in the outdoors to enjoy the beautiful harvest weather



Not to brag about Canadian scenery, but let’s face it. It’s breathtaking.


3. Believe it or not, Canada also has football (we’re not just about Hockey)! The TSN Thanksgiving Classic is an annual doubleheader between 4 CFL teams



And really, that’s enough.


4. Americans have “Black Friday”, we have something we like to call the Tuesday after thanksgiving.


tuesday copy

A little less stressful, don’t you think?


5. A maple something usually finds its way into the menu



Seconds are always a must.


6. It’s way earlier in the year, so it doesn’t just feel like a pre-Chirstmas celebration



American Thanksgiving…


7. We don’t have a big backstory to the holiday… It’s simply a time to celebrate good harvest with good food and with loved ones!



It’s about being thankful for everything we have, and that’s about it!


So, what are you waiting for?

Come celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with the Canadian community this coming Monday, October 12th!



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