Alice: Experience Alice’s exuberant musical universe

Breathtaking musical and multimedia productions that will deeply move your heart!


Following its great success in North America, Europe and Asia, the Arsenal will now be touring China!

继在北美,欧洲和亚洲获得的巨大成功, 阿森纳将在中国巡演!

Alice in Wonderland


This is the story of a little girl who falls asleep and has a strange dream.

这个故事讲述了一个小女孩, 有一天她睡着了,并且做了一个奇怪的梦。

Alice Interacts with a series of multimedia characters.

在剧中, 爱丽丝将会巧遇一系列由多媒体效果塑造出的角色。

She invites us to follow her along the winding path of her imagination.

就让我们跟随着她, 在她的梦境中漫游吧。


Make your way to the other side of the world and come experience Alice’s exuberant musical universe.

在七位加拿大顶尖音乐家的演奏下,请您来到世界另一头, 去体验爱丽丝丰富的音乐宇宙。
In this multimedia production, you will at last discover the real Alice, interpreted in Chinese by a Canadian actress!

As created by the imagination of Lewis Carrol, this musical production starring the March Hare and the Mad Hatter will leave you speechless.

如同刘易斯卡罗尔笔下那一个个充满想象力的人物, 这个音乐剧里的三月兔和帽子制作商会给您带来一次次惊喜。

For just one moment, anything is possible in this magical universe with its special effects devoid of limits and frontiers.

这个舞台上的多媒体特效会让你相信, 在这一刻, 任何事情都可能在这个神奇的宇宙上发生。

A unique experience that will stay with all families forever!


Time:  August 2nd & August 3rd 19:15

Adress: Shanghai Lyceum Theater (Tel:021-51085050)

Duration : 85 minutes

Age: Young Audience

Languages : Mandarin and English







Alice, brought the wonderment of Theater in its manifold forms to families from all walks of life. - Act 3 international, Singapore

爱丽丝, 用它多种多样的形式, 给各种阶层的家庭带来了叹为观止的演出。

- Act 3 international, 新加坡

The whole performance was remarkable, the audience was very enthusiasticAlice played many different roles in the show. Her voice changes as the role changes. The audience was very impressed. This musical is totally outstanding.
-Wuhan Morning News



“Once, the dreamy music and the vivid performances started, the children were introduced to a strange world.” Amazing, why is Alice’s world so fun? The child asked excitedly.This Multimedia musical was see for the first time by a Chinese audience.Therefore, what they see and hear from this play is totally original and generally not shown in the traditional play”
- Southern Metropolis Daily

 “梦幻的音乐响起,剧组人员惟妙惟肖的表演,一下子就把孩子们引入到光怪陆离的童话世界中。 “太神奇了,为什么爱丽丝的世界这么好玩!”孩子们满脸兴奋。这种多媒体梦幻音乐剧是第一次走进国内观众的视野,因此,观众在该剧中所能看到、能听到的,都是一般舞台剧不可能表现出的‘视听幻想曲’。”

- 南方都市报

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