Advisory Council

The Advisory Council complements the knowledge and skills of the Board of Directors. It contributes to the effective governance of the Chamber and strengthens relationships with leaders in the Canadian business community in China.

Photo of Nancy Pon
Nancy Pon
Sizzle Maker PZAZD

Nancy Pon, Sizzle Maker of PZAZD, creates experiential platforms. She is most widely known for being the face and founder of a multi-award winning health campaign which reached over 1 billion taxi riders in China’s first tier cities. Given her wealth of experiences and adventures, Nancy is a regular speaker for business, community and student groups about leadership, China insights, and harnessing one’s potential. In 2012, she was awarded the EPWS Women in Leadership Inspirational Superhero of the Year Award.

Ms. Pon has over 20 years of professional experience spanning transportation engineering to sporting and entertainment events, from hospitality to entrepreneurship, and from marketing to public service campaigns. Her event portfolio includes Tennis Masters Cup, Special Olympics World Summer Games, Rolling Stones and Elton John concerts.

She was one of the Founding Board members to establish the Cancham in 2008.