The 5th China Mining Technology Conference July 9 – 12 in Hefei, Anhui Province a?�a�?cY?a?sc��?S�a��a?s 2014a??7???9?�?-12?�?a��a??a??e�?


The 5thA�ChinaA�Mining Technology Conference July 9 – 12 in Hefei, Anhui Province a?�a�?cY?a?sc��?S�a��a?sA�2014a??7???9?�?-12?�?a��a??a??e�?

GMACA�cordially invites you toA�the Fifth ChinaA�Mining Technology ConferenceA�which will be held in Hefei, the capital city of Anhui ProvinceA�fromA�July 9thA�to July 12thA�2014. ChinaA�Mining Technology Conference is a high-level mining technology summit forum and a mining equipment exhibited platform created by China Mining Media (MetalA�MineA�magazine,A�Modern MiningA�magazine and China Mining 114 Website).

In the past four years, this conference has been annually held successfully in Suzhou, Xian, Jinan and Nanjing with more than 3000 accumulated attendees. The Fifth China Mining Technology Conference will be held in Hefei from July 9thto July 12th, and will focus on five key subjects. We sincerely invite academics and experts in the mining engineering field, mining companies and research & design institutes to present at the conference and communicate together on mining technology and leading industry trends. In addition to the exhibition, the conference will also provide attendees with different level cooperation plans, including the China Minmetala��s Hanxing Mine’s Management Bureau’s Lilou Iron OreA�Mine Site visit. This mine is the largest developed underground iron ore mine in China, which produces 7.5 million tones of iron ore each year. It will be a good opportunity for you to visit and understand how Chinese developed largeA�iron ore mine isA�operated in China. Please note the event will be held only in Chinese, therefore please encourage Chinese speakers in your company to attend. GMAC members will receive a 20% discount to attend this conference. If there is particular interest from our members, GMAC will be happy to arrange translation services for the Hanxing Mine Site visit. PleaseA�click hereA�to find out conference program. If you have any questions or like to RSVP to this excellent conference, pleaseA�contact Gillian Peng atA�


China’s Mining Technology Conference

Time:July 9 – 12, 2014

Location:A�Swan Lake Hotel, Hefei City, Anhui Province

Organizers:A�Metal MineA�magazine,Modern MiningA�magazine, China Mining 114 Website


Original Price: 1500 RMBi?? including delegation pass, site visit, 8 meals and 1 banqueti?�

CanCham Member: 1200 RMB

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