The 5th China Mining Technology Conference July 9 – 12 in Hefei, Anhui Province 中国矿业科技大会 2014年7月9日-12日安徽合肥


The 5th China Mining Technology Conference July 9 – 12 in Hefei, Anhui Province 中国矿业科技大会 2014年7月9日-12日安徽合肥

GMAC cordially invites you to the Fifth China Mining Technology Conference which will be held in Hefei, the capital city of Anhui Province from July 9th to July 12th 2014. China Mining Technology Conference is a high-level mining technology summit forum and a mining equipment exhibited platform created by China Mining Media (Metal Mine magazine, Modern Mining magazine and China Mining 114 Website).

In the past four years, this conference has been annually held successfully in Suzhou, Xian, Jinan and Nanjing with more than 3000 accumulated attendees. The Fifth China Mining Technology Conference will be held in Hefei from July 9thto July 12th, and will focus on five key subjects. We sincerely invite academics and experts in the mining engineering field, mining companies and research & design institutes to present at the conference and communicate together on mining technology and leading industry trends. In addition to the exhibition, the conference will also provide attendees with different level cooperation plans, including the China Minmetal’s Hanxing Mine’s Management Bureau’s Lilou Iron Ore Mine Site visit. This mine is the largest developed underground iron ore mine in China, which produces 7.5 million tones of iron ore each year. It will be a good opportunity for you to visit and understand how Chinese developed large iron ore mine is operated in China. Please note the event will be held only in Chinese, therefore please encourage Chinese speakers in your company to attend. GMAC members will receive a 20% discount to attend this conference. If there is particular interest from our members, GMAC will be happy to arrange translation services for the Hanxing Mine Site visit. Please click here to find out conference program. If you have any questions or like to RSVP to this excellent conference, please contact Gillian Peng at


China’s Mining Technology Conference

Time:July 9 – 12, 2014

Location: Swan Lake Hotel, Hefei City, Anhui Province

Organizers: Metal Mine magazine,Modern Mining magazine, China Mining 114 Website


Original Price: 1500 RMB( including delegation pass, site visit, 8 meals and 1 banquet)

CanCham Member: 1200 RMB

中国国际矿业协会促进会诚挚邀请您参加于2014年7月9日-12日在安徽合肥举办的第五届中国矿业科技大会。 中国矿业科技大会是由中矿传媒(《金属矿山》杂志社、《现代矿业》杂志社、中国矿业114网)打造的顶级矿业技术高峰论坛和矿业设备展示平台。2010年至2013年已经分别在苏州、西安、济南、南京成功举办4届,累计参会代表3000多人次。 本次大会特设定5个专题,力邀矿业工程领域的院士,研究设计院、大型矿山企业及高校的专家进行授课并互动交流。 除标准展位外,大会还设置多级别合作方案并且包括五矿邯行矿山管理局李楼铁矿项目考察。该矿山是中国最大的已建成地下铁矿,年处理量750万吨。这将是为您提供参观了解中国大型在产矿山的绝佳机会。 请注意本此大会为中文会议,所有内容都以中文形式呈现。GMAC会员参会将享受20%的折扣,如果多数会员对此次会议感兴趣,GMAC将会为您提供五矿邯行矿山管理局李楼铁矿项目考察的翻译工作。 欲了解会议内容请点击这里。 如有任何问题及报名事宜,请随时联系彭朋

会议详情 中国矿业科技大会 时间:2014年7月9日-12日 地点:安徽合肥天鹅湖大酒店3楼1号会议室 主办单位:中国矿业114网站、《现代矿业》杂志社、 《金属矿山》杂志社 费用: 原价:1500/人 (包括参会、矿山基地参观、会议期间用餐及晚宴) CanCham 会员价:1200元/人


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