The 1st International Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection Cooperation and Promotion Conference in Central and Western Regions


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In recent years, energy conservation and environmental protection industries have enjoyed rapid growth and revealed huge market potential. With the implementation of national policies aiming to support and develop the central and western regions, and with the industrial transfersA�and upgrading of the eastern region, technologies and capitals have flown to central and western China, making these regions the new battlefront for energy-saving and environmental protection industries.

To promote the development of such industries and relevant technologies in central and western China, the First International Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection Industries Promotion Conference of the Central and Western Regions, co- hosted by International Energy Conservation Environmental Protection Association (IEEPA), the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and relevant organizations in central and western China, will be held in Beijing between July 26th and July 27th, 2014.

The conference,A�organized annually,A�promotesA�the import of advanced energy saving and environmental protection technologies, attractsA�foreign funds, urgesA�relevant governmental departments in central and western China to carry out major green projects and encouragesA�the promotion of environmentally friendly products. By improving the competitiveness of the energy conservation and environmental protection industries and exploiting their market potential, the conference will create new economic growth points, find business opportunities and bring wealth for the enterprises in the central and western regions. Guests from Gansu, Shaanxi, Henan and Sichuan provinces, together with the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, have the priority to participate the conference. To guarantee the effectiveness of cooperation, only 60 enterprises in each of the above provinces or autonomous region are invited to the conference. A few representative enterprises in other provinces, municipal cities, and autonomous regions are also invited. The total number of participants will be within 400. The conference will lay emphasis on five industries: energy conservation, environmental protection, resources recycling, new and renewable energy, and modern and ecological agriculture. The specific cooperation projects in each industry between domestic and foreign enterprises are detailed as follows:

  1. Energy Conservation

Cooperation in energy conservation technologies, facilities, products and services, in particular in the following fields: electricity distribution and transmission, industrial energy conservation, energy efficient building design, illumination and transportation.

  1. Environmental protection

Cooperation in environmental protection technologies, facilities, products and services in particular in the following fields: water treatment, air pollution control, refuses disposal, soil remediation, environment monitoring and noise elimination.

  1. Resources recycling

The resources needed to be reused include mineral-associated resources, industrial solid waste, automotive engineering components, scrap items (not mental, electronic or automotive items), kitchen waste, agricultural and forestry residues, industrial waste water, domestic sewage and rainwater.

  1. New and renewable energy

The cooperation on mature technologies that can be translated into production on an industrial base is expected to cover four fields: the biomass energy conversion, such as small and medium sized methane project and biomass gasification gas and power generation projects, solar photo-electricity generation and heating, geothermal electricity generation and heating, and wind power generation. Other new and renewable energies are valuable to the research and development of the fuel cell, thermal energy, waste to energy system, fuel manufacturing and heat utilization, biomass liquefaction (alcoholic fermentation), a new-type of terrestrial heat exploitation and ocean power technology. All of these new technologies are seeking cooperation.

  1. Modern and ecological agriculture

It includes agriculture with different focuses on the a�?green agriculturea�? idea, physical methods, leisure, industrialization, local features, tourism or stereoscopic vision. A� The conference is organized by International Energy Conservation &A�Environmental Protection Industries Promotion Platform of the Central and Western Region, also known as IPCW and supported by officials including He Keng (famous economist, vice chairman of the 11thA�Finance and Economic Committee of National Peoplea��s Congress, former vice director of National Bureau of Statistics), Jiang Minglin (consultant of the State Council), Wang Yuqing (former vice director of Bureau of Environmental Protection), Hou Yunchun (former vice director of Development Research Center of the State Council), Wei Jianguo (former vice minister of Ministry of Commerce), and Ma Shengrong (former vice president of Xinhua News Agency). With accurate and professional operation, IPCW has provided a high-level and specialized cooperation platform, encouraging international organizations, financial institutions, and domestic and foreign enterprises to enter central and western China. IPCW has also established a system that integrates international and domestic resources, facilitating and supporting the development of energy saving and environmental protection industries of central and western China. According toA�Adegboyega Ajani, official of UNIDO in China, communication platforms are the bases for United Nations to encourage greater international cooperation in various areas. Through communication platforms, different parties can understand each other, collaborate with each other, and promote the application of technologies in relevant industries. He believed that IPCW would play a more significant role in the future.

July 26,2014A� (Day 1)
10:00-13:20 Sign in
13:20-13:30 Leaders of China and international organizations meet with distinguished specially-invited guests
13:30-16:00 Closed SessionA� Theme:A�Low-Carbon Reform a�� Opportunities and Challenges



High-level officials of the United Nations, Other International OrganizationsA� andA� Governments

Presidents of Fortune 500 and other Prominent Enterprises

Government Officials and Entrepreneurs of the Central and Western Regions

10:00-18:00 Opening CeremonyState Leaders:

National People’s Congress

Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

The State Council

Officials of International Organizations:

The United Nations


Ambassadors to China:

Officials of Foreign Governments


18:00-20:00 Dinner Party for VIP Guests


July 27, 2014A� (Day 2)
08:30-12:00 Green and Low-Carbon Development and Industry Transformation Prospect

(1)Analysis and Interpretation of State Industrial Policies (Relevant Government Officials; Representatives of Financial Investment and Banking Industries)

(2)Lectures on Foreign Technologies and Relevant Cases

(3)Lectures on Domestic Technologies and Relevant Cases

(4)Project Cooperation and Negotiation



Market Trend of and Technological Innovation in Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection

(1)Analysis and Interpretation of State Industrial Policies (Relevant Government Officials; Representatives of Financial Investment and Banking Industries)

(2)Lectures on Foreign Technologies and Relevant Cases

(3)Lectures on Domestic Technologies and Relevant Cases

(4)Project Cooperation and Negotiation

12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-16:00 Project Recommendation and Exchange:

(1) Speeches on Projects Introduction

(2) Speeches on Project Cooperation

(3) Speeches on Financial Capital

16:00 Closing Ceremony

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