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The 15 Hardest Jobs to fill in Canada Right Now 盘点加拿大最稀缺的15种人才

The HR consulting firm Manpower Group recently released its 2015 Talent Shortage Survey, which looks at the professions where it’s most difficult to find skilled people to fill the available jobs. The firm looks at trends in 42 different countries, among them Canada. These are the hardest jobs to fill in Canada at the moment, according to the survey. 哪些行业最容易找工作?这是一个亘古不变的话题。高薪的工作总是像香饽饽一样,竞争激烈。其实,加拿大还有很多赚钱的岗位空缺,只要把握机会,找工作根本不用愁! 以下是根据万宝盛华集团2015年的人才短缺调查结果列出的加拿大最稀缺的15种人才: